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Copper Drainboard Sinks

Custom copper drainboard sinks from Handcrafted Metal easily contain and drain water while washing or cleaning, and can be made to perfectly fit your kitchen. Every feature can be customized, including the number, shape, and size of the bowls. Choose from additional features, such as woven aprons, backsplashes, and towel bars to further personalize your sink. Each copper sink is fully welded and polished, and made with the purest copper available. Also, each sink has coved corners inside for easy cleaning, and can be made with drop-in mount, under mount, or flush mount rims. Additionally, if you need the apron front of your copper sink to fit with existing cabinetry, we can make it match perfectly! Click on any sink below to see more pictures, and customize it according to your specifications!

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Copper Kitchen Sinks
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Copper Drainboard Sinks # 4013
Copper Drainboard Sinks #4013  

Kitchen Center, Drainboard & Marine Edge
This fabulous piece is loaded with features. The rounded apron in the front compliments the marine bullnose edge. A ribbed, integral drainboard and deep sink sits in front of the tall splash. All together it is a graceful sink that stands alone or combines with a stone counter top. It has our light antique patina on smooth copper.
48"L x 22"W $8159  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3513
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3513  

French Scroll Splash,2 Drainboards
This is a delightful addition to the kitchen. It can stand alone or sit next to stone counter tops. The beautiful backsplash combines with double drainboards and apron to make a total package. It has a Medium antique on smooth copper.
60"L x 26"W $8953  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3512
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3512  

Kitchen Center With Drainboard & Splash
This fabulous sink has many of our best features, including the reverse hammered apron tucked behind a bullnose edge. It is Flush Mount, so it stands alone or next to a stone counter top. The drainboard and back splash provide a large wet zone for dishes and cooking. The entire sink has our medium patina on 48 ounce copper.
72"L x 26"W $8856  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3622
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3622  

Kitchen Center with 2 Drainboards
The hammered apron tucks behind the bullnose front of this large, stylish sink. Two drainboards and a back splash help get a big cleaning job done. Flush mounted, this piece can stand alone or set between 2 pieces of counter top. It has a medium antique patina.
72"L x 26"W $8600  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3504
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3504  

Verde Fresco Old World,Low Profile Drainboard
The interior walls and drainboard of this undermount sink have our light patina, while the apron has our Dark Verde Fresco Old World patina. The apron extends to the end of the drainboard, allowing a single leave-out in the countertop. It's made from 16 gauge / 48 ounce copper. Exact duplication of any particular color or pattern isn't possible with our Old World Patinas, but the general effect will be similar to those shown on our website.
54"L x 21"W $6005  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3870
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3870  

Crackling Fire Old World, Drainboard
A large undermount sink with our Crackling Fire Old World patina on the apron, and loads of extra features. The high-end options include an integral low profile drainboard, a raised apron, and a lowered divider between two deep sinks. Made in 48 ounce new copper. Exact duplication of any particular color or pattern isn't possible with our Old World Patinas, but the general effect will be similar to those shown on our website.
56"L x 22"W $6382  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3637
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3637  

Under Mount With Drainboard
This sink is undermounted and includes an attached drainboard. The drainboard is ribbed and drains directly into the 9" deep bowl. The sink is made from smooth copper and has a Medium antique patina.
53"L x 20"W $3352  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 5082
Copper Drainboard Sinks #5082  

Double Sided Island Sink
This epic sink spans across the center of of a large butcher block island, dividing the island in half. The dual sinks, each with a drainboard behind, provide 2 completely separate work stations. We provided flat mounting decks for tall swing arm faucets at each side of the drainboards. Smooth 16 gauge copper, medium antique patina.
32"L x 62"W $11760  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3467
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3467  

Flush-Style W 2 Drainboards & Apron
With an apron front and two integral drainboards, this sink can stand alone or be placed between two pieces of stone counter top. The smooth copper has a natural matte finish, and it shines in the light. Lovely! It will darken over time.
72"L x 25"W $7939  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3434
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3434  

3 Compartment Kitchen Center W/ Drainboard
Wide enough to stand alone or perfect between two pieces of stone counter top, this sink gets a big job done right. The ribbed drainboard and veggie sink are practical, and the two large sinks are 10 inches deep. The light antique patina brings out the beauty of the smooth copper.
78"L x 25"W $8633  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3861
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3861  

Raised Reverse Hammered Apron, Drainboard
The low-profile drainboard and lowered divider between the bowls are wonderful features of this undermount sink. It also has a reverse hammering on the raised apron. The entire sink is finished with our Medium antique. It is made from 48 ounce. copper.
60"L x 22"W $6713  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3407
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3407  

Drop-In with Drainboard
This extra large sink & drainboard combo sits on top of the counter top. The deck around the rim is wide and angled to keep water inside the splash zone. Raised ribs are on the drainboard surface. Medium antique ages the smooth copper.
60"L x 22"W $6372  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3448
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3448  

Raised Apron with Drainboard
The undermount flanges at the rear and both sides of this piece are hidden under the counter top. The apron at the front, however, is raised to the height of the counter to be even at the top. There is a drainboard with ribs, allowing dishes to drain easily. It has our Medium antique patina on smooth copper.
57"L x 21"W $6228  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 4707
Copper Drainboard Sinks #4707  

Octagonal Bowl With Drainboard & Ray's Famous Hammering
This custom copper sink is absolutely beautiful. It features an octagonal bowl with a ribbed drainboard, and is fully textured with our "Ray's Famous Hammering" technique. It's made from the purest copper available, and has our "Medium Antique Patina" finish.
52"L x 22"W $5798  [Customize It]  

Copper Drainboard Sinks # 3655
Copper Drainboard Sinks #3655  

Flush Style With Drainboard
This piece can stand alone or fits between two pieces of stone counter top. The long bowl is extra wide, too. The antique is our Strong Pattern patina, which includes light, medium, and dark tones.
60"L x 26"W $6902  [Customize It]  

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Copper Kitchen Sinks
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