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Copper Kitchen Island

Handcrafted Metal makes exquisite copper island kitchen top to suit your taste and accommodate your kitchen. With us you can customize every dimension and feature. You can also add detailing, such as fancy edges, backsplashes, hammering, and drainboards, to give your copper island kitchen countertop a powerful presence in your kitchen. Each copper kitchen island countertop is fully welded and polished, and made with the purest copper metal available. Feel free to choose how your copper island kitchen top will look, by combining our custom features into the perfect copper metal kitchen island for your kitchen. We will work with you to produce a work of art for your kitchen. To get started, click any of the the kitchen metal island below to see pricing and customize your dimensions and features.

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Copper Countertops
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 Copper Countertop # 2926
Copper Kitchen Island #2926  

Repousse Apron on Farm Sink
This stunning copper island features a fabulous framed repousse apron insert with custom lettering and hand-planished background. The apron extends beyond the countertop edge. Smooth copper deck and sink, medium antique patina.
98"L x 43"W $7864  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 2927
Copper Kitchen Island #2927  

Scroll Ends W/ Extended Apron Sink
This island has delightful scrolled ends and a farmhouse sink with an extended apron. The reverse hammering and medium patina provide a durable and scratch-resistant surface. Reverse hammered copper, medium antique patina.
104"L x 39"W $9691  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3988
Copper Kitchen Island #3988  

Apricot Brandy Old World Patina
The colorful Old World Patina is the striking feature of this large island top. At 44 inches wide it just barely will fit on a 48 inch wide copper sheet. Any wider and we will weld 2 sheets together. 48 ounce copper is fully welded at the corners before the Apricot Brandy finish is done.
92"L x 44"W $4784  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 4390
Copper Kitchen Island #4390  

Square Corners W/ Lori's Bold Old World Patina
Lori's Bold Old World makes a delightful finish for this kitchen island. Each piece is a unique piece of artwork and will not be duplicated. Corners are fully welded and polished. 48 Ounce copper top.
58"L x 28"W $2352  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3942
Copper Kitchen Island #3942  

Claire Edge Rectangle
This small top was installed with the flat right end adjoining a wall. Our Claire edge on 3 sides makes a soft profile. The feathered hand rub back pattern brings the smooth copper deck to life. Smooth copper, medium antique patina.
49"L x 25"W $1827  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 4239
Copper Kitchen Island #4239  

Renoir Old World Patina On Island Top
This island top became the top surface for an island with wood edges that lap over this copper main deck. The wood edges fit over the raw edges. We provide the sheet of copper with raw edges laminated to wood substrate. The patina is our Renoir Old World patina. Smooth 16 gauge 48 ounce copper, Renoir Old World patina
68"L x 38"W $2294  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3334
Copper Kitchen Island #3334  

Octagonal Sink in Hammered Peninsula
This peninsula stops against a chase wall. It features a custom octagonal bar sink welded integrally into the top. At the right end the channel edge turns the corner to cover where the chase wall stops. The random hammered finish and medium patina provides a stable and durable work surface. Random hammered copper, medium patina.
55"L x 28"W $5354  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3873
Copper Kitchen Island #3873  

Very Large Reverse Hammered Island
This extraordinary expanse of reverse hammered copper required 3 sheets of copper. The reverse hammering makes flat deck welds almost impossible to completely hide, so we reduce the visibility of the welds with additional texturing. Reverse hammered copper, medium antique patina.
133"L x 75"W $15572  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 4256
Copper Kitchen Island #4256  

Rounded Corners & Eva's Favorite Patina
This unusual island has 2 rounded corners and 2 square corners. The transparent brush-applied Eva's Favorite Old World Patina allows light to reflect off the copper below. Smooth 16 gauge 48 ounce copper, Eva's Favorite patina.
86"L x 37"W $4751  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 4474
Copper Kitchen Island #4474  

Claire Edges W/ Lori's Bold Old World Patina
This little island is installed in a dressing room. The piece is big enough to fit over an existing top. The quarter-round Claire edges soften the look of the top and give it an old fashioned look. The corners are welded and polished before the Old World antique is applied. 48 ounce copper.
41"L x 33"W $2381  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3928
Copper Kitchen Island #3928  

Epic Scale Copper Island
This expansive 10 foot long by 83 inches wide island top is truly epic in scale. It features a bar sink and a prep sink with drainboard. There is a nearly invisible flat weld the entire length of the top. This top has enough room for a large gathering with room to spare. Smooth copper, medium antique patina.
120"L x 83"W $17030  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3915
Copper Kitchen Island #3915  

Extended Apron & Smooth Drainboard
Our Claire quarter roll edge gives this extra wide island top a classic look. The sink is strongly sloped down to the right rear corner drain to ensure positive water flow. The drainboard is smooth and free of ribs. The farmhouse apron extends out beyond the countertop. Smooth copper, medium antique patina.
100"L x 55"W $11660  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3337
Copper Kitchen Island #3337  

Clavos Corner Details
This island features our reverse hammered texture and six bronze clavos on each corner for a rustic appearance. Reverse hammered copper, medium antique patina.
74"L x 43"W $5507  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3918
Copper Kitchen Island #3918  

Reverse Hammered W/ Sink Cutout
This island's large size was still able to fit onto a single sheet of copper. The expanse of reverse hammering is striking by itself on this rectangular top. The layout of this island with the sink cut-out in the corner maximizes usable area. This island incorporated an overhang on the side opposite the sink to make an eating area. Reverse hammered copper, medium antique patina.
72"L x 43"W $4777  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 2723
Copper Kitchen Island #2723  

Smooth W/ Medium Patina
A supremely simple island with a delightful hand-highlighted patina finish. Smooth copper, Medium antique patina.
76"L x 42"W $2969  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 4500    
Copper Kitchen Island #4500    

Lori's Bold Old World Patina
Lori made this top for herself. It is her favorite patina, the Lori's Bold. The mix of colors is fabulous. 48 ounce copper is fully welded and polished at the corners. Normandie edges.
60"L x 30"W $2517  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3790    
Copper Kitchen Island #3790    

Decorative Strap & Clavos
This unique top features a wrap-around brass strap and bronze clavos. The unusual J-shape required overlapped strap corners. The deck is smooth copper with medium patina. The strap is 1/4" thick solid brass with dark patina. The clavos are square with pyramid-shaped top, turned at 45 degrees to make a diamond shape.
100"L x 23"W $12493  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3327    
Copper Kitchen Island #3327    

Framed Opening for Undermount Sink
The Normandie channel edge, Medium patina, and smooth finish give this counter top a quiet elegance. The custom framed opening features rounded corners to match perfectly to an undermount porcelain sink. Smooth copper, Medium antique patina.
115"L x 43"W $5851  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3325    
Copper Kitchen Island #3325    

Zinc Corner Gussets and Rivets
Zinc gussets with copper rivets dress up the corners of this island. The deep prep sink makes it a practical work space. This top is wider than a sheet of metal, so we welded 2 pieces together to get the size. Normally you can see a thin weld line when we do this. Smooth copper, medium antique patina.
72"L x 52"W $8176  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3919    
Copper Kitchen Island #3919    

Rays Hammering and Angled Corners
The finish on this island is our unique Rays hammering, which looks like tooled leather. Unusual tapered front corners set at a shallow angle add more interest and emphasize curves of the bullnose edges. Rays hammering finish, medium antique patina.
90"L x 44"W $6484  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3305    
Copper Kitchen Island #3305    

Extended Front with Integral Sink
The large sink fits perfectly on the extended front of this copper countertop. The interesting zig-zag appearance follows a custom angular base. Smooth copper, medium antique patina.
84"L x 28"W $5894  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3335    
Copper Kitchen Island #3335    

Random Hammered W/ Cooktop Cutout
The random hammered finish and Medium patina make this cooking island top durable and scratch resistant. Bullnose edges on all sides soften the shape to compliment the rustic texture. Random hammered copper, Medium antique patina.
86"L x 38"W $6672  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3864    
Copper Kitchen Island #3864    

Reverse Hammered Edge on Smooth Deck
This unusual copper island features reverse hammered edges welded onto the perimeter of a smooth copper sheet. All corners are rounded to soften the shape. Smooth copper deck, reverse hammered copper edges, medium antique patina.
98"L x 47"W $7102  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 2966    
Copper Kitchen Island #2966    

Claire Edge & Raised Farm Sink
The raised farm sink sets this extra wide island apart from others. The island deck is reverse hammered, and the surface mount raised farm sink is random hammered. The trash chute to the left of the sink is a collar welded into the deck. Our Claire edge at 4 inches tall gives this island a substantial, classic style. Deck reverse hammered copper, sink random hammered copper, medium antique patina.
134"L x 56"W $17854  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 4882    
Copper Kitchen Island #4882    

Mont St Michel Edges & Cracklin Fire Patina
This island is loaded with our best features. The decorative Mont St. Michele edges give it substance and follow the corner posts at the corners. An integral bar sink on one end is practical, and with the fabulous Old World Patina this island grabs the eye. 48 ounce copper is fully welded and polished.
102"L x 53"W $15019  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3987    
Copper Kitchen Island #3987    

Farmhouse Sink Framed Opening & Old World
The 3-sided framed opening is for a large, ceramic farm sink. Faucet holes are in the top behind the sink. One of the corners is angled for a walkway in the kitchen. Our Old World Patina gives this piece life. 48 ounce copper is fully welded and polished.
95"L x 51"W $9415  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 4005    
Copper Kitchen Island #4005    

Eva's Favorite Old World Patina
This 82 inch x 60 inch island is a field of color, even inside the sink. Our masterful Eva's Favorite World patina is a mixture of techniques with brushed, flowed, and solid layers. The 2 inch height edges give this island a substantial quality. 18"x20"x10" deep sink. Smooth 48 ounce (16 gauge) copper, Evas Favorite Old World Patina.
82"L x 60"W $8912  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3324    
Copper Kitchen Island #3324    

Column Notch & Range Cutout
This cooking peninsula/island adjoins a column at the left rear corner. For easy cleaning we turned a coved splash up at the wall. The stove opening accommodates a slide-in range with trim flanges. The 3 open corners are rounded to soften the shape. The strong pattern medium antique patina adds interest and color variety. Smooth copper.
115"L x 40"W $5828  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 3863    
Copper Kitchen Island #3863    

Nailed 14 Foot Gull Wing
This copper island has almost too many features to list. The pink color is bare matte finish. This top was allowed to change color naturally to a beautiful golden brown. The construction is many separate pieces of copper with either smooth or random hammered finish, pre-drilled and nailed to a rigid wood slab. The center area that surrounds the sink is smooth copper. The perimeter around the sink and entire countertop edge is random hammered copper, and the inside portion of the end decks is also random hammered. The end decks and the center deck meet at hairline butt seams. We used large copper nails with pyramid-shaped heads to tightly attach the copper pieces to the wood. We custom-fabricated the 45 inch random hammered 3-compartment sink and mounted it under the framed opening. Smooth and random hammered 16 gauge copper, bare matte finish, natural copper.
168"L x 30"W $24567  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 4748    
Copper Kitchen Island #4748    

Crackling Fire Old World W/ Double Sink
All four edges of this island are marine bullnose - no drip. The larger integral sink is 10" deep while the adjacent veggie sink is 8" deep. The Crackling Fire antique is a marvelous mix of color, and it contrasts beautifully with the natural finish inside the sink bowls. Fully welded and polished 48 ounce copper.
135"L x 38"W $10560  [Customize It]  
 Copper Countertop # 5015    
Copper Kitchen Island #5015    

Epic 7' x 11' Island Top
This extra large copper island top is completely seamless and features all rounded corners. The farm sink is integral and seamless as well. The rounded corners are 2" radius around the sink, and 12" at the opposite end of the top. The end opposite the sink features a 12" overhang to create an eating area. The finish is our dark copper patina with lacquer and carnauba wax. We shipped this top as a single slab with 2 layers of 3/4" cabinet grade plywood substrate.
131"L x 87"W $23622  [Customize It]  

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Copper Countertops
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