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 Zinc Countertop # 5018

Regular Price $10,876 Sale Price $5,400!!
HALF PRICE! Save over $5,000!! This 52 1/2" x 90 1/2" reverse hammered zinc island features a framed opening for a large slide-in cook top. The large size of this top required a flat weld down the length of the deck which was a little visible. Our customer did not like the off-center location where we positioned the weld, so we built another island and took this one back. 16 gauge zinc, reverse hammered texture, natural finish. The reverse hammering obscures the weld, and overall this is an impressive countertop. We can reduce the length as needed for an additional $650.
92"L x 52"W $5400  [Customize It]  

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Zinc Countertops
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