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Zinc Countertops And Bar Tops

Handcrafted Metal builds zinc countertops and zinc bar tops for every kitchen or bar. Pick from our broad selection of edges and hammered textures to fit your style. Straight, simple channel edges provide a modern touch to your zinc countertop. Rounded edges bring a hint of the early 20th century, while edges with parallel grooves bring a hint of Art Deco, and hammering adds a little rustic flavor. Our zinc counter tops and zinc bar tops follow the shape of your kitchen, turning corners, fitting tightly into alcoves, and sweeping around curves. We can create a 3-sided framed opening for a farm sink, or a 4-sided framed opening for an undermount sink. For a completely water tight sink, we can weld a zinc sink and even a zinc drainboard seamlessly into your zinc countertop. Handcrafted Metal builds zinc counter tops and bar tops to the highest standards of craftsmanship to become showpieces in your kitchen.

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Zinc Countertops Straight
Zinc Countertops Straight

Straight Zinc Countertops can have many options like Zinc top with Drain Hole, inbuilt bar sink or kitchen sinks with drainboard options

Zinc Countertops U & Z Shape
Zinc Countertops U & Z Shape

U and Z Shape Zinc Countertops style is for places where we need to have a customize zinc top to manage specific spaces or requirements

Zinc Countertops L Shape
Zinc Countertops L Shape

L-Shape Zinc Countertops are one the most selling style. These Zinc Tops can fit in your kitchen with drainboards or in office reception areas.

Zinc Countertops Curve
Zinc Countertops Curve

Zinc Countertops in Curve design with decorative edges can provide a beautiful look to your kitchen or your bar as Zinc Bartops

Zinc Countertops Island
Zinc Countertops Island

Island Zinc Countertops comes in various design, these Zinc Tops can be installed in Kitchen with inbuilt sink or just as simple Island zinc Top.

Zinc Commercial Bartops
Zinc Commercial Bartops

Commercial Zinc Bartops and Countertops are ideal for large spaces, where we need to cover corners and cater many people as bars or offices.

Zinc Countertops Specials
Zinc Countertops Specials

Zinc Countertops from Handcrafted Metal For Your Kitchen

  • Handcrafted Metal has crafted thousands of countertops in zinc for years of excellence. We provide the widest possible array of styles, finishes, textures of countertops for your kitchen and bar requirements.
  • We have been building countertops and bar tops in zinc for over 25 years. Our skilled artisans have unmatched skills and expertise in crafting customized counter tops in every metal including zinc, in every size, shape and color. Our vast experience gained over the years provided us mastery of the essential methods, processes, and skills needed to produce a top in zinc, that exceeds your expectations.
  • We take pride in its high quality of craftsmanship. We consider your customized countertop requirement in zinc as an opportunity to deliver our uncompromising design and craftsmanship. You can see that we offer a large number and an amazing variety of zinc counter & Bar tops designs.

Why Zinc Countertops And Bar top should be the Choice for your Kitchen and Bar

  • There are large numbers of choices available for counter top materials if metal is the choice for your counter then zinc is a very good option. Using zinc for the countertop in kitchen and bar area is getting very popular. Zinc provides subtle yet a warm character to modern kitchens and bars. The natural color of zinc is very similar to pewter and is quite different from the more shiny look of a stainless metal. Less glossy yet subtle shine is the main beauty of zinc .
  • Some of the Major Benefits of using Zinc For Countertop - .
  • Metal with a life:-- Zinc is not very glossy, it changes its color over the period, and this adds character to your countertop in your kitchen and bar. This is exactly the reason that sometimes it is called as the living metal. In case if we do not like that your zinc top losses its gloss then, you just have to treat it every so often by polishing and waxing it.
  • Powerful Presence:-- Countertops made in Zinc gives a powerful look to your kitchen and bars. The kitchen is the focal point of every home. To have kitchen which you want have proud of, then zinc should be the choice of the metal for your countertop. Our choice of metal for our kitchen represent our personality, Zinc is subtle yet powerful, a great combination to have for your kitchen and bar tops.
  • Anti Micro Bacterial:-- Zinc has anti bacterial properties. Our kitchen are susceptible to all kind of harmful micro organisms, zinc can reduce the risk of bacteria. Countertops are prone to all kind of unhealthy micro organism, zinc can be a good option for counter and bar top to reduce this threat .
  • Durability of Zinc:-- Zinc is well regarded for its durability. Though it is not as strong as some of the other metals, but they are strong enough to last for a long enough time. Handcrafted Metal uses 16 gauge pure zinc in countertops, so its cannot be easily damaged by moisture. It is a long term investment Once you place a zinc countertop for your kitchen or bar then it last a very long time.
  • Wide choice of Finish and Texture :-- Zinc provides a wide range of finishes and textures. Handcrafted Metal gives you the widest possible range of Finishes from smooth to different degree of hammering, to give both rustic and modern look to your zinc hoods. Our Rays Hammering range hoods are very popular as venting options for all kind of stoves and ovens.
  • Designs Flexibility:-- Zinc is more malleable then most of materials used in countertop therefor it provides you with lots of flexibility for crafting wide range of design options for counter top. Zinc as a metal is quite easy to work with and that is a reason include decorative edges in various shapes and styles. we can also create an integral zinc sink by welding parts together and grinding seams smooth, making cleanup an easy job. This enables you to find that perfect match to blend into your kitchen space with ease. You can choose the depth, the overall design and then ensure that it works with the rest of your space, helping you design your dream kitchen and bars with ease.
  • The most important aspect of a countertop made in zinc metal is that it will become the focal point of your kitchen. You can be assured that it will make a great statement to anyone who walks into your home


  • We offer an extensive selection of Custom Countertops styles in zinc metal category. Just browse and then click the Style to see hundreds of different Custom Countertops products in zinc metal for your kitchen and bars.
  • We are glad to answer any questions about any of our Customized zinc Countertops. Call 1-800-755-0310 to speak with a product specialist who will help you select and configure your ideal countertop in zinc. Handcrafted Metal, Bar tops and Counter tops in zinc metal are built in a way to be the focal point of your kitchen or Bar.
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