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Custom Copper Countertops Curved

Handcrafted Metal makes exquisite curved countertops to suit your taste and accommodate your kitchen. With us you can customize every dimension and feature. You can also add detailing, such as fancy edges, backsplashes, hammering, and drainboards, to give your copper countertop a powerful presence in your kitchen. Each copper countertop is fully welded and polished, and made with the purest copper available. Feel free to choose how your curved copper countertop will look, by combining our custom features into the perfect custom copper countertop for your kitchen. We will work with you to produce a work of art for your kitchen. To get started, click any of the curved countertops below to see pricing and customize your dimensions and features.

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Copper Countertops
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 Copper Countertop # 3863
Copper Countertop #3863  

Nailed 14 Foot Gull Wing
This copper island has almost too many features to list. The pink color is bare matte finish. This top was allowed to change color naturally to a beautiful golden brown. The construction is many separate pieces of copper with either smooth or random hammered finish, pre-drilled and nailed to a rigid wood slab. The center area that surrounds the sink is smooth copper. The perimeter around the sink and entire countertop edge is random hammered copper, and the inside portion of the end decks is also random hammered. The end decks and the center deck meet at hairline butt seams. We used large copper nails with pyramid-shaped heads to tightly attach the copper pieces to the wood. We custom-fabricated the 45 inch random hammered 3-compartment sink and mounted it under the framed opening. Smooth and random hammered 16 gauge copper, bare matte finish, natural copper.
168"L x 30"W $24567  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3056
Copper Countertop #3056  

Lori's Bold Patina & Curve Front
This island top has our Old World patina called Lori's Bold. It also has a curved-front and a Normandie edge. It's made entirely from smooth 48 oz. copper.
61"L x 35"W $4496  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 2729
Copper Countertop #2729  

Reverse Hammered Curve Bar
This bar top was built with a rounded front to follow an angular cabinet base below. It's textured with our Reverse hammering for a rustic feel. The entire piece is made from 48 oz. copper, and is finished with our Medium antique patina.
78"L x 26"W $6514  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 2996
Copper Countertop #2996  

Mont St. Michel Spice Shelf
A curved front and our traditional 2-groove Mont Saint Michel edge provide visual appeal to this spice shelf. It's made from smooth 48 oz. copper, and is finished with our Medium antique patina.
30"L x 20"W $3379  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 2997
Copper Countertop #2997  

Reverse Hammered Free Form Shelf
This piece features an unusual undulating curve shape. The texture of our Reverse hammering makes it visually resistant to scratches. It was used for a convenience shelf for keys, purses, and general convenience next to an entry door. It's made from 48 oz. copper, and is finished with our Medium antique patina.
36"L x 17"W $2277  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3789
Copper Countertop #3789  

Curved Front & Mauna Loa Patina
Our sublime Mauna Loa patina graces this curved island top. The rich colors make a fine accent piece. It's made from smooth 48 oz. copper.
60"L x 35"W $3456  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 4810
Copper Countertop #4810  

Smooth Natural Curve Front
This copper Curve countertop features our Normandie edge. It's made entirely from smooth 48 oz. copper, and is naturally-colored and highlighted with a hand rub.
109"L x 21"W $3434  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 4007
Copper Countertop #4007  

S Curve Bar Top
This S-shaped Curve top has soft rounded corners. The meandering curve provides an informal feel. It's made entirely from smooth 48 oz. copper, and is finished with our Medium antique patina.
128"L x 18"W $6757  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3333
Copper Countertop #3333  

Angles & Curves Bar Top
This interesting bartop has parallel angles and curves at the two ends, with matching rounded corners. All welded smooth 16 gauge copper, natural matte finish with carnauba wax.
126"L x 19"W $6090  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3790
Copper Countertop #3790  

Decorative Strap & Clavos
This unique top features a wrap-around brass strap and bronze clavos. The unusual J-shape required overlapped strap corners. The deck is smooth copper with medium patina. The strap is 1/4" thick solid brass with dark patina. The clavos are square with pyramid-shaped top, turned at 45 degrees to make a diamond shape.
100"L x 23"W $12493  [Customize It]  

 Copper Countertop # 3303
Copper Countertop #3303  

Ray's Hammering On Bar Surface
We created this curved single-piece bar surface from multiple hammered copper sheets in order to fit it to a wood bar top. We textured it with our tooled-leather pattern Ray's Famous hammering. All welded Ray's Hammer 16 gauge copper, medium antique patina.
215"L x 25"W $8277  [Customize It]  

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Copper Countertops
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