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Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods

Handcrafted Metal makes zinc Single Roll range hoods and steel Single Roll range hoods that are customized to accommodate your kitchen and your taste. Single Roll range hoods add a touch of Early Modern style to any kitchen. The single geometric curve and sleek texture set the strong Art Deco look, and the flat ends let this hood completely fill the the space between cabinets. You can also make these hoods reach up to a tall ceiling by stretching the hood or by adding a stack. With us you can customize every dimension and feature, such as hammering, color tone, and lighting. Our masterful finishes provide numerous shades of gray for our zinc and steel range hoods. Choose between our natural and medium patinas for zinc, and French Gray finish for steel for the perfect neutral tones. To further customize your zinc or steel range hood you can also choose from additional features, such as elegant bottom bands, hand-wrought straps, clavos, and rivets. Personalized features like these are guaranteed to please. Our zinc and steel range hoods are made with the purest materials available, and are very durable. We will work with you to make a superior zinc or steel hood that looks splendid in your kitchen. Click on any Single Roll hood below to see more pictures, and customize it according to your specifications!

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 Zinc Range Hood # 4642
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #4642  

Smooth Body W/ Zinc Straps & Stainless Pot Rail
This Single Roll hood features a stainless pot rail on the bottom band. Additionally, zinc straps adorn the front, which are attached with blind fasteners. The entire piece is made from smooth zinc and finished with our Medium antique patina.
48"L x 24"H Wall Mount $9674  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5191
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5191  

54" Natural Zinc Hood and Straps
This understated zinc hood features our natural finish on both the hood and straps. The matching finish reduces contrast and produces a field of neutral gray color. The solid zinc straps nestles between the step at the top and the bold band at the bottom. The hood mounts clear of the adjoining cabinets, which allowed us to extend the bottom band all the way back to the wall. The hood is smooth all-welded 16 gauge zinc. The natural matte zinc finish with extra heavy lacquer clear coat and hand-applied carnauba wax provides maximum resistance to color change.
54"L x 18"H Wall Mount $8847  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5211
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5211  

S Curve
This graceful sweeping zinc 'S' curve design has vertical straps that emphasize the undulating curved shapes of the front. This large hood is truly an expanse of zinc that's sufficient to fill the space over a large range all the way to a tall ceiling. 16 Gauge all welded zinc, smooth texture, medium antique patina. Included stainless steel liner with 6 lights and 3 baffle filters.
52"L x 52"H Wall Mount $16003  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5292
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5292  

Straps & Pattern Finish
This zinc hood has a turn of-the century aura. The small steel rivets and the patterned finish on the hood and the straps deliver an industrial look. It's made from fully welded smooth 16 gauge zinc, and has 1/8" thick zinc straps.
42"L x 18"H Stack: 19"H Wall Mount $13435[Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 4984
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #4984  

104" Fitted Arch Top
The top edge of this hood follows a stone arch. The top front edge of the hood references precisely to the bottom edge of the arch. The arch was unevenly curved and so required a template to capture the shape. The hood finish is medium patina, and the zinc straps are natural. The zinc straps are blind mounted. All welded smooth 16 gauge zinc hood, 1/8" thick solid zinc vertical straps, 1/4" thick horizontal straps.
104"L x 33"H Wall Mount $25078  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 4890
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #4890  

47" with Clavos on Diagonals
An eclectic blend of industrial zinc and diagonal clavos gives this hood great visual appeal. The hood is all welded smooth zinc. The straps are 1/8" thick solid zinc. The bottom strap wraps around the front corners and stops at the face of the cabinets. We stepped the bottom band out 1/2" to give the vertical straps a surface to terminate against. Medium patina on hood, straps and clavos reinforces the industrial character.
47"L x 21"H Wall Mount $9966  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 4038
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #4038  

Tall Body W/ Medium Patina & Stainless Straps
This Single Roll hood was built tall to elongate the front curve. The front of the hood features blind-mount stainless straps, which end at the stepped bottom band. The body is made from smooth zinc and is finished with our Medium antique patina.
48"L x 38"H Wall Mount $10396  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 4036
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #4036  

Smooth Body W/ Short Stack & Medium Patina
This zinc hood features a square stack at the top and a stepped lower band. It's made from smooth zinc that's finished with our Medium antique patina.
57"L x 19"H Stack: 5"H Wall Mount $7731[Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 3281
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #3281  

Steel Body and Straps
This surface mount design tapers to a point at the top. The hood and straps are both smooth steel with our French Gray finish. Small steel handles add an interesting accent at each end. All welded smooth 16 gauge steel, French Gray finish.
56"L x 32"H Wall Mount $10213  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5131
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5131  

36" Smooth Zinc with Stack
This smooth zinc hood has very appealing vertical proportions. Stainless straps with micrograin finish provide a bright contrast. The stack reaches up to ceiling to allow the hood to retain its pleasing shape. The stepped band provides the termination surface for the bottom of the straps. Smooth all welded zinc hood with medium patina, solid 1/4" thick stainless steel straps with micrograin finish.
36"L x 24"H Stack: 14"H Wall Mount $7610[Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5181
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5181  

36" French Gray Steel
This hood features our French Gray finish on steel, which is subtly different from our zinc medium patina. The somewhat darker color, slightly mottled pattern, and the lack of highlights reads as more industrial than zinc. The 'D' shaped stack continues the rounded shape of the rolled hood. The exposed top of the hood is finished, and the straps extend all the way back to the wall and under the front edge. The 1/4" wide straps read more like ribs. All welded smooth 16 gauge steel, French Gray finish.
36"L x 15"H Stack: 13"H Wall Mount $6455[Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 3977
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #3977  

Zinc Body and Stainless Straps
Our dark patina contrasts strongly with the silvery stainless straps. The stepped front band provides a surface for the straps to terminate to. The straps are mounted with blind fasteners for a clean classic look. Smooth 16 gauge zinc hood, 1/8" solid stainless straps with matte finish.
62"L x 24"H Wall Mount $11878  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5207
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5207  

Industrial Steel French Gray
This steel hood has an industrial era look, and our delightful random gray patina. The straps and rivets are also steel, for a monochrome color palette. This hood has a particularly thorough strap treatment, with straps at the cabinets on the ends and top. We protect treat our steel hoods with rust preventative and coat them with acrylic lacquer for durability. All welded 16 gauge steel, smooth finish.
36"L x 24"H Wall Mount $14723  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 4039
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #4039  

Steel Body W/ French Grey Patina & Straps
This steel hood is crafted with riveted steel straps to give it an appealing and distinguished style. The roll follows all the way to the back wall for a more rounded look. The zinc clavos are turned on the diagonal with 2 rows across the bottom of the hood. It's completely smooth, and finished with our French Grey finish.
60"L x 29"H Wall Mount $14040  [Customize It]  

 Zinc Range Hood # 5298
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5298  

Stainless Straps & Matching Rivets
This custom zinc hood features a gorgeous set of stainless straps that are fastened with matching rivets. It's completely smooth, and has our "Light Antique Patina" finish.
72"L x 36"H Wall Mount $21622  [Customize It]  
 Zinc Range Hood # 5411    
Zinc and Steel Single Roll Range Hoods #5411    

Restrained Gray on Gray
This custom zinc hood has a restrained style, with straps that are the same material and color as the hood. The stack terminates with a zinc molding at the ceiling. The entire hood is welded smooth zinc, and has our "Medium Antique Zinc Patina" finish.
60"L x 32"H Stack: 14"H Wall Mount $15637[Customize It]  

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